Our Secret to Perfect Summer Hair

Not all of us are blessed with perfectly tousled, Blake Lively-esque beach hair. However, thanks to a little secret ingredient, we can recreate the effect! ✨

The Love + Salt Hair and Body Mist is a vegan, volume enhancing mist that helps you achieve those sultry, sought-after summer beach waves. It also doubles as a hydrating mist for your skin! Grab the 2 oz. bottle to toss into your summer survival pack so that you can tote it to the beach or out to dinner.

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Show Pony Summer Survival Kit

Summer is upon us at last here in Seattle with July quickly approaching! Between running to the beach, wine tasting with friends, and soaking up the sunshine, you are on the go a lot this season. A busy schedule requires a few essentials that will keep you fresh and put together for all of your activities, so we’ve assembled a little #ShowPonyBoutique survival kit that you can throw in your bag while you run out the door. Here’s to making the most of another magical Seattle summer!

This pouch from our friends at Clutch Handbags makes the perfect vessel for all of your essentials: it’s slim but can hold as much as you need, and bright enough to not get lost in the depths of your handbag.

Toss in a petite perfume bottle, like this one from I Am Fragrance. Perfume packs a punch and comes in handy when your deodorant just isn’t cutting it. Plus, you’ll feel fresh even after a long day thanks to a little spritz!

It’s always a good idea to have a pair of earrings or a necklace on hand. Often times, spontaneous plans arise during the summer. With your summer survival pack, no one will assume you came to dinner straight from the peach because of your glam accessories.

Oh, and never be caught without a pair of sunglasses!

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Find all of these looks in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations, or shop online here.

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Exploring the Fremont Neighborhood with #ShowPonyBoutique

Our flagship store is located in the beautiful Seattle neighborhood of Fremont! Many people’s first thought of Fremont is the notorious Fremont Troll, but there is so much more to do and see than that.

One of the most underrated–and delicious–things to do in Fremont is book a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory! Learn all about what happens at this local company to transform cocoa fruit into scrumptious chocolate.

Pro tip: The factory production area operates at a range of 90-110 degrees! Wow! Wear a cool, sleeveless dress like this #ShowPonyBoutique favorite to ensure your comfort while you sample all the tasty treats on the tour.

After your tour, check out Nectar Lounge, Seattle’s largest indoor/outdoor music venue. The lounge’s event calendar is packed with national and local artists from every genre, so you can listen to music while sampling from the craft cocktail menu.

Swap your tote bag out for a cute leather backpack to keep your hands free for chocolate sampling and concert going while you tour Fremont.

What are some other places in Fremont that you would recommend? Tell us in the comments!

Find all of these looks in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations, or shop online here.

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#ShowPonyBoutique Summer Essentials

The coming of June signals the coming of Summer, and here in Seattle we couldn’t be more ready to welcome the sun! As we all know, with warmer weather comes different wardrobe staples. Not sure what those are this season? Read on as we share #ShowPonyBoutique’s Summer essentials! ✨

Off-the-shoulder dresses are here to stay. With delicate detailing, this crisp linen has all the makings of your favorite fresh Summer look. Suitable for work, brunch, and a night out, this dress will quickly become your most beloved piece.


Florals aren’t necessarily original, however this painted periwinkle fabric offers a texture that isn’t seen too often. With flirty sleeves and a pressed front, this top will wow at the office or while out with friends. Mix up your look by pairing it will skinny jeans or overalls!


We can’t get enough of stars this season (remember this?)! This open shoulder dress offers a classic shape while being very on trend. Dreamy patterns and comfortable: what more could you ask for?


Find all of these looks in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations, or shop online here.

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Work Attire That Isn’t Boring

Feeling inspired to dress up for work can be a challenge for everyone. Luckily, the prospect of warmer weather also offers the potential for a more versatile work wardrobe! Below, we’ll show you how you can wow the office while being comfortable and stylish.


Find a dress in a classic shape with a bold pattern, like this one from Frock Shop. Pick a shape that you feel confident in if bold patterns are out of your comfort zone! This look will make you feel empowered to take on the day.


This tiny floral print is flirty and season appropriate without being distracting. Pair it with a pair of skinny black slacks or culottes, like these.


Can you tell we love prints this season? This is another example of how classic shapes can be transformed with the right pattern! Embrace bold prints for a more empowering season.


Find all of these looks in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations, or shop online here.

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The Show Pony Brunch Guide

Hello #ShowPonyBoutique friends! Do you have any brunch plans for the long weekend? If not, you’ll want to make some reservations after you read our definitive guide to brunching in Seattle. Read on, as we break down the components for a successful brunch outing with your friends. 🍳☕️

Step 1: Grab your squad.

Call up your girlfriends, and swing by #ShowPonyBoutique for any last minute brunch looks. Is it really brunch if you don’t dress up?

Step 2: Pick the location.

The most overwhelming part of brunch: choosing where to eat! The blessing and the curse of living in Seattle is that there are almost limitless restaurant options. We’ve listed a few #ShowPonyBoutique favorites to narrow it down…

Oddfellows Cafe


With patio seating and an insta-worthy interior, this restaurant is perfect for weekend brunches. The food is even prettier than the decor, to boot!


How amazing does this drink look?! The Gallant Man: yellow chartreuse, camomile, mint, citrus, ginger beer 👌

Step 3: Don’t forget to grab mimosas!

And there you have it: the recipe for a perfect weekend brunch.

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Styling for Spring

The transition to Spring in Seattle can be a little tough, especially when the weather is as confusing as it has been! While we’re waiting for warmer weather to make itself more permanent, here are some styling tips for surviving the ambiguous month of May.

Throw a Scarf On!

Not sure if the day will be sunny or chilly? Add a scarf to the mix. All of a sudden, you’ll have a wrap when you need one! Plus, how amazing is this scarf’s embroidery? It goes perfectly with the shibori-esque distressed bag.

Opt for a Jersey Top

When you wear a looser, jersey top, it gives you the option to wear a camisole underneath for warmth! This way, you can look the part while staying warm.

Off the Shoulder Tops

If it’s warm but too brisk to wear a tank top, try an off the shoulder top. Not only are they very trendy, but they actually cover up part of your arm. Plus, they look adorable on their own and under a jacket.


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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Now is the time to start looking for the perfect gift for the beloved mothers in your life. A daunting task to many, as it is impossible to express how grateful you are to the women who have raised you. Luckily, this year Show Pony Boutique has put together a Mother’s Day gift guide to help you find the perfect present for mom.

The Kick-A#% Mom

For the mom who is always kicking a#% and taking names, what better gift to get her than a backpack that aids mobility and organization, all while looking stylish?

Appetite – Backpack in Condensed Wool


The Sweet Mama

Is your mama all sugar and sweetness? Get her a Love + Roses body mist that smells as wonderful as she is. Not only does this body mist smell amazing, but it is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory rose essential oil to refine and renew skin at a cellular level.

Olivine Atelier – Love + Roses Body Mist – 8oz


The Super Mom

Does your mother’s unwavering ability to juggle endless tasks and still function constantly amaze you? Then you should get your super mama a pair of Tiffany Kunz earrings. These bronze plume studs resemble the spread of a bird’s wing, are the perfect bold accessory, and will evoke just how heroic you think your mother is.

Tiffany Kunz – Plume Studs in Bronze


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Easy, Breezy, Spring Looks

Warmer seasons are finally upon us! This is the perfect opportunity to bust out your thin layers, tank tops, and florals. While Seattle weather might not reflect your Spring mood quite yet, you can still radiate sunshine in some of #ShowPonyBoutique’s Spring tops.

This simple tank is a lot more versatile than you might think: you can wear it with jeans or shorts, tuck it into a skirt, or layer it under a chambray top or jacket! The key to Seattle Spring wear is layering: you never know what weather you will encounter throughout the day.

How cute is this graphic bicycle tank?! While you can still use it as a layering piece, it can also double as a workout tank for your morning cycling class.

This floral top is the perfect piece to wear to the office to wow your coworkers. Take Seattle nightlife by storm in this top by pairing it with black jeans or a skirt!

This classic shape is updated with a whimsical pattern. This faded floral print is a refreshing take on the bright florals that you see all too often. It is perfect for work, the weekend, or a night on the town with a pair of statement Prairie Underground culottes pants.

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Necklace Mania

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start accessorizing for warmer weather! One of the easiest ways to spruce up your springtime look is with a necklace: whether you layer several thin necklaces or opt for a chunky statement one, you are sure to make a splash this season!

With the necklaces that #ShowPonyBoutique provides, you can mix and match metals, switch up sizes, and incorporate different geometric shapes to your heart’s delight.

Bohemian jewelry is at its height this season! Take advantage of free spirited style and snatch a necklace that matches your mood.

Something that #ShowPonyBoutique loves is mixing and matching necklace shapes and sizes. Take a look at how you can style your Spring jewelry here.

Shop our Spring necklaces here.

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