Month: December 2008

Happy New Year!!!

2008 has been the crazy year of all crazy years! I closed Olivine after 11 years, which was exciting and sad…like saying goodbye to a dear friend. Then I opened Show Pony just 2 weeks after that. Then I moved

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Juliette Has A Gun…Citizen Queen

Citizen Queen has finally arrived!The fragrance that every Juliette Has A Gun addict has been waiting for. This is an intoxicating blend of Bulgarian Rose, Leather, Iris, Amber and more…Citizen Queen lasts for a minimum of 12 hours, a little

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Cowgirl Chocolates

These chocolates are so incredible! I love a little spice with my chocolate and these are my absolute favorites. We have everything from little 3 truffle samplers ($4 and the most perfect stocking stuffer) to the most awesome Cowgirl handpainted

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top ten gifts for 2008…#10

Feather Headbands!Every one needs one of these! Beautiful feather headbands make every outfit a little more glamorous. Our headbands are all handmade in Brooklyn from the finest materials. We have everything from subtle to outrageous, depending on how far you

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top ten gifts for 2008…#9

Alora Ambiance Room Diffuser!These are a necessary item in my house, and I don’t know what I would do without them! Uno is my personal favorite…Muguet, sandalwood, musk and lemon. They really will scent an entire room, and sometimes even

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top ten gifts for 2008…#8

These Creatures Pet Feeders!Don’t forget the most precious and deserving on your list this year! Every dog and cat will love to have one of these. Besides the fact that animals should eat and drink at an elevated level (even

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top ten gifts for 2008…#7

Bottle Pets! I still think these are the cutest things I have ever seen. Every baby should have at least one! They will fit any size baby bottle or sippy cup. Bottle Pets are not just functional, they are extremely

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top ten gifts for 2008…#6

Swan Dive Horse Cameo Necklaces…Of course I love these necklaces! The necklaces are from a designer in San Francisco. Her necklaces feature horses, owls, birds and trees. They have been a hit with everyone!$66-$72

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top ten gifts for 2008…#5

Prairie Underground Hoodie!This photo is of the Short Cloak Hoodie in Wild Orchid. I think that any style hoodie from Prairie Underground makes a fabulous gift. They are made in Seattle out of organic cotton, fit beautifully and are guaranteed

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top ten gifts for 2008…#4

Letting the Horses Loose by Elizabeth Soule.I want all of these! There are 15 in the series, one looks great on a wall or shelf…3 or 4 look amazing!The boxes are made with archival care, measuring 6″x6″x1.25″. Each image is

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