Dame Beauty


Dames are broads, but not all broads are dames. Dames are larger than life. They demand and command respect.
Some dames are beautiful, some are wicked, some are wicked smart; and some are all three.
Dames can stand up to men like Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart.
Whether they’re obvious or coy about it, dames are running the show.

DAME is a sultry and evocative union of velvety gardenias, night blooming jasmine and a full, lush blend of smoky and sweet vanillas.

If you are a fan of our STARLET perfume then you will probably love this one. We took the STARLET and made it sexy, warm and sultry. So yummy! My favorite for fall…

Roll On perfume oil – $26
Eau de Toilette – $44
Samples are availble at www.lulubeauty.etsy.com

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