Great review on Yelp for Show Pony…We love that you love us!

“We all wanted a pony when we were little girls, didn’t we? So pretty, lovable, special and unique. Well – wish no more, there is something that encompasses all of those things minus the cleanup. Show Pony is my new favorite fashion stop in town. Having explored Fremont a great deal, I don’t know how I missed this one, but I’ll make up for time lost, I assure you.

The main floor is stocked with new pieces that are perfectly like-able, but the true find is the consignment floor upstairs. This is no Buffalo Exchange or hand-me-down resale shop – no no no. The buyer at Show Pony knows their stuff. Shoes, accessories and clothes with labels that are almost entirely designer names. I scored a Bench. jacket and a Humanoid top at killer prices. Barney’s lines at Gap prices. Apparently a woman brought in a trunk load of pieces from NY boutiques just the day before. I told them to CALL ME the next time she purges her closet. I’m still dreaming about the purple cowgirl boots I walked around the store in too… and the pastel pink faux fur shawl… and the little black dress that would go great with my new pearls…

Guess I’ll have to make good and take care of the precious pony I’ve always wanted…”

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