What’s up with the Tuesday scarves?

Why is it that every time a customer leaves the store with a Tuesday scarf, we’re afraid she might never be seen or heard from again? Like she’s got a classic convertible waiting outside, a full tank of gas and a date with destiny?

Well, apparently, designer Rian Robison, a hometown Seattle gal, was trying to come up with a name for her amazing scarves (yes, those brilliant infinity-style numbers that keep flying out of here every time we feel a summer breeze). She put one on and a friend declared that she looked like Tuesday Weld, that adorable biscuit of a Hollywood starlet from the 1960s and ‘70s. No wonder!

Weld herself may have been underappreciated, but her namesake scarves are certainly not. Handmade from gloriously patterned silks and cottons, the lightweight, looping style can be worn as a wrap-around scarf, cowl or hood. They’re the perfect accessory to add a little summer chic and y’all know it!

Seriously, though, next one of you who leaves with that sparkle in your eye better save some room in the back seat – we’re coming, too!

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