Don’t throw that receipt away!

The best part about owning a shop is getting to know our wonderful customers who keep coming back again and again. Not only do you brighten up our day when we see your beautiful, familiar face, we hope to brighten yours by knowing as soon as you walk in the door what your personal style is, what’s going to look good on you and make you feel like the stylin’ lady you are.

Starting today, we want to say thank you to our regulars for making the world a brighter place with a little prezzie! At the bottom of each receipt is a coupon for 10 percent of the total of your purchase, which can be applied to a purchase you make next month. That means that if you spend $100 in September, in October, you’ll get $10 off. If you spend $200 this month, next month you’ll save $20! If you spend… never mind, you get the point. The gorgeous fall fashions are rolling in, so come check out the new duds! We can’t wait to see you.

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