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Wow, there’s so much buzz in the air here, it feels like back-to-school time! Not that we have algebra homework to do or anything (thankfully)—maybe it’s just because this time of year reminds us of being able to go shopping and get fun new stuff.

So first and foremost: Save the Date! October 1st.

We’re having a Trunk Show party with three local, but very different designers: Andrea Bijou of Bijoudally, Rian Robison of Tuesday Scarves and Twig Cosmetics by Cara Hellings. Andrea’s laser-cut leather jewelry pieces are a feast for the eyes and so much fun to wear. Rian has been sewing up a storm, and she’ll be bringing in her new fall line of wonderful infinity scarves in smart plaids and cuddly faux furs. And everyone had so much fun (and just looked so darn gorgeous, we must admit) at our show last month with Twig Cosmetics, we had to do it again. Cara’s eco-friendly skin care products treat both your face and the earth like the queens you both are!

We’ll have drinks and nibbles, and of course some great discounts: 15% off Show Pony purchases, 10% off Bijoudally, 20% off Twig Cosmetics and Tuesday Scarves will be $30 (regularly $35).

Next up: Show Pony is now on Deal Springer, where we list a rotating selection of our merchandise at discounts not found in the store or anywhere else.

Today, among the many other great deals, you’ll find Sven Clogs that were featured in the Seattle Magazine Fall 2010 Style Guide at 20% off; our heavenly, exotic Seda France Asian Lychee Candle at $10 off; and holy schmoly, 50% off Blank Leather Moto Jackets. You definitely need one of these if you ride a Vespa (or hey, even if you just want to look like you do!). Keep checking back to see what else you might find!

Finally, just a reminder to start saving your Show Pony receipts!

At the bottom of each receipt, we calculate 10% of your purchase and put the total on a tear-off voucher that you can bring in next month for that much off of your next purchase. So if you spend $100 this month, next month you’ll get $10 off! Sound good?

Alright, so math is actually pretty fun when you’re calculating discounts!

We hope to see you October 1st!

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