Month: October 2010

Save the Dates – Blowout from the Suzabelle vault + Robert Leonard Holiday Shopping Fun!

The other day we were talking to Suzanne Jaberg, the chic queen behind Suzabelle, and she just happened to mention that she had boxes and boxes of designs from collections past that she had no idea what to do with…

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Wax Insignia Pendants… Confession Time!

We’re total suckers for historical fiction and period movies. I know we should all be glad we live in a modern world with modern conveniences like plumbing and don’t have to worry about catching the Bubonic Plague. But just once

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Ohhh Yes! More to Desire

We’ve been carrying Portland designer Lauren Harkness’s luscious Desire Rings for some time now and already knew this lady knows how to make one bodacious bauble. But with the new line of necklaces she just brought us, we’ve completely lost

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Happy Weekend + New Revival Ink

It’s going to be a great weekend, we can feel it. For starters, we just got three new designs from Tara Smith, our favorite screenprint goddess at Revival Ink and we pretty much plan to spend the next 48 hours

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