Aubrey Summers Bags are back!

Aubrey Summers is a bit of a legend at Show Pony. Back in the early days, this architect-turned-designer brought us her line of handmade leather clutches and purses and they quickly became one of the most coveted things we carried. Picking one up and feeling its imperfectly perfect texture, admiring its hand-riveting and intoxicating color, it was love at first sight and you could never get it out of your head until you owned one. And then tragedy struck—Seattle lost Aubrey to Hawaii. Sure, with the way it’s looking outside, we can’t say we blame her. But we were all jealous and heartbroken nonetheless (what the hell do they need to carry in Hawaii, anyway??).

Well, we’re very happy to say Aloha again to Aubrey! She’s still in Hawaii, but recently paid us a visit while she was in town and the good news is that we are now able to sell her wonderful bags again. We’re the only store in Seattle (and heck, maybe even the upper 48!) lucky enough to have them. So if you never got a chance to own one, you’re in luck now as well.

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