You’ve been a very good girl!

Enough about everyone else, what do YOU want for the holidays? We love the old trick of leaving the catalog open on the kitchen counter turned to a very particular page… If you’ve got the kind of fella who is good with subtleties, a few strategically placed drops of drool might do the trick. If not, there’s nothing wrong with a big red circle and the phone number for customer service jotted down in the margin!

We’ve decided to make it easy for you to put this strategy into action with some glamour shots of a few of our holiday jewelry favorites (you know, the ones you force yourself to back away from because you’re not supposed to be shopping for yourself?). It’s ok to look now. You’re just helping someone else shop for you.

Yed Omi Jewelry is always popular in here around this time of year. It’s a wonderfully romantic line from a Portland husband-and-wife team that draws inspiration from nature and the ocean.

Carmen de Anguis is a local Seattle designer who uses vintage images, “lost wax casting” and other traditional metalworking techniques to create highly original pieces combining motifs from different cultures and times.

And we’re very excited about a new line: Midori Jewelry from Hawaii, a very sweet and delicate collection using semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14k gold-filled materials.

Now all you have to do is print. Leave on counter. Drool. Write in margin “Show Pony: 206.706.4188 or”. Cross fingers. You’re done!

And don’t forget, he can have us mail the goods and shipping is free on orders over $100!

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