Hats, hats + more hats!

Ok, so who else stepped outside one morning this week and thought, “Oh my gosh, I wish I had a hat on!” There has been just enough of that little extra bite in the air to start thinking about haberdasherie, and if you said to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I wish I had a cute NEW hat to wear!” – well, that’s even more fun.

You all know where this is going of course. We just happened to receive a wonderful new shipment of chapeaus from the San Diego Hat Co., a fantastic little operation based out of California that has been a trend-setter in headwear for more than a decade.

Red Fedora – $50

We love their simple cut-and-sew styles, either sharp and plain or embellished with buttons, bows and rosettes; wool felt fedoras that are perfect for the masculine look that’s so hot right now, plus classic knit berets and caps. All of these come in loads of colors as well: basic black, charcoal grey, red, olive, camel, fuchsia, winter white, purple and plaid! 

With a great price point from $28-$59, it would just be foolish and your mother would probably yell at you if you didn’t go out and get yourself a new hat.
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