New Scents (& Really Cool Science)! ‘I am’ Fragrances

This was such a fun and fragrant find! Not only does this line of scrumptious scents invoke lots of ‘Mmmm’s when you smell them, when you hear the unique philosophy and innovative approachbehind the company, you start to hear lots of ‘Ohh!’s as well.

With thoughtfully-named scents like I am Peace, I am Wild and I am Good, the fragrances take aromatherapy to the next level of aromachology, a scientific approach to smell psychology that seeks to identify the power of scent on the brain to influence not only mood, but behavior. By wearing fragrances that are the right match for your body chemistry, it hopes to empower you to express your style, goals, dreams and ideals.

If this all sounds like an awful lot of thought for a little dab of perfume you throw on on your way out the door, just smell them! The clean & gorgeous scents speak for themselves.

We’re carrying the I am line in the purse-size Roll-on’s. Only $18, perfect for on-the-go, travel, and they make fabulous gifts!
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