Designer Spotlight: Rebekah J Designs

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Today’s Designer Spotlight is on our newest addition to the jewelry case: Rebekah J Designs! Rebekah is located here in Seattle and her pieces reflect the Northwest aesthetic: simple, organic and with beautiful little surprises. We were so thrilled to find her work and loved hearing more about her background:

How did your company start?​ ​​

I graduated in 2005 from the University of Washington​ with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metals. I came to the UW as a transfer student. I knew I wanted to be an Art Major but I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I entered as a Interdisciplinary Major (aka dabble in everything, master nothing). Searching the class listings I saw a Metals 101 class. I was elated. I got into the class on a lottery after showing up with about 50 other people on the first day. One registered person didn’t show up and my name went in to the hat. I don’t win often, but I did that day. I’ve been making jewelry ever since.
Where do you get your inspiration?​

Gosh, so much inspires me. Rooms, furniture, light, travel, the Pacific Northwest landscape and its bodies of water… and I’m a mama, and an avid yogi. These things keep me in the present which is hard to do but by being present they inspire me to do more and when I make, I’m happy. I’m also very visual and find lots of inspiration in the happenstance that is made on my studio table as I work. I think some of my best pieces are made when parts fall together in a pile and I see something. That’s often the point with which I get very distracted and start playing.

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How does living in Seattle influence your designs?

​I was not born​ in Seattle, I’m originally from Santa Barbara. But we moved here when I was 12 and I hated it. Today I can’t imagine living in a more beautiful and inspiring place. The landscape and architecture here are so stunning, and seeing water at nearly every turn makes me so incredibly happy. I live for the warm summers and cherish the wet winters that drive me into the studio. I also love that Seattle is full of so many amazing small businesses – and often ones who are creatives themselves and are willing to help, collaborate, or offer advice.

What is your career highlight thus far?

My first wholesale purchase. They had seen my work at the West Seattle Summerfest and kept my card for almost 2 years until they started up their shop. Getting that email and subsequently dropping off that order was so validating. I just want to make things that people will love – pieces that will become staples in their everyday wardrobe. When a shop is interested I feel like Sally Field when she accepted her Academy Award in 1985, “You like me! You really really like me!”

Favorite go-to piece in your jewelry box and why?

​My favorite go to piece is the Luka. It’s absolutely my favorite piece. It’s architectural, clean, minimal, visually intriguing and looks fantastic on a little black dress, or with a v-neck t-shirt – which is my daily attire. ​A close second is the Londey and Georgie bangles.

Obsession of the moment?

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