Go Avant-Garde With Pyrrha’s Handcrafted Jewelry

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On the hunt for the perfect gift? Check out our selection of gorgeous signature talisman jewelry from Pyrrha. Designed by a husband and wife team who began creating the old-world style pieces from their Vancouver studio in 1995, the brand is known for its estate sale, antique vibe, accented with wax seals and intended to be treasured as time honored heirlooms. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Katie Holmes, and Zayn Malik quickly picked up on the unisex line’s cool, sustainable message and the flagship Los Angeles store is now a staple for shoppers from all around the world. Additionally, Pyrrha launch an original line of jewelry in collaboration with Games of Thrones, enhancing their visibility and helping to spread the word about their central philosophy; that personal significance is paramount, that flaws are beautiful, and that environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices are of the utmost importance.
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