Tiffany Kunz’s Jewelry Is Perfectly Minimal And Eco-Friendly

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One of the most frustrating aspects of buying the perfect piece of jewelry is that most is outsourced, not locally-made, and not sustainable (not to mention, not always of the highest quality).  If you’re looking for the perfect bangle, a great pair of simple, elegant earrings, or a statement necklace, look no further than LA-based designer Tiffany Kunz. Her pieces are environmentally conscious, accented with certified fair trade gemstones, and then finished by hand in her LA studio.  Sustainability is of paramount important to Tiffany, and she strives to create artful pieces in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner (her supplies, including pricing tags, look books, and business cards, as well as shipping parcels and jewelry pouches are all made from renewable resources or recycled materials).  Her jewelry is a great way to treat yourself (or a friend) while being socially conscious and earth-friendly (not to mention super chic).

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