Designer Spotlight: Synergy

We’re taking a look at one of Show Pony’s favorite brands, Synergy. The woman behind the brand, Kate Fisher, spend eight months traveling through Nepal and India when she was 21 where she bought an assortment of textiles and clothing. She would send these home to her friends, who sold them at markets and Grateful Dead shows. This was how Synergy was born. The company has striven to empower all of those within the Synergy supply chain, from the farmers who grow the organic cotton to the people who knit and create the fabrics. Show Pony is proud to carry Synergy clothing, as globally and evironmentally conscious brands align with our core values and mission. Be intentional with your purchases; you have the opportunity to encourage fair living wages and healthy work environments by supporting brands like Synergy.

Shop Synergy at our flagship Fremont location, our new SeaTac store, or online here!

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