I Am Fragrance: Who Are You Today?

Fragrance is a very powerful and unique beauty product. Unlike other senses, our sense of smell is very closely linked with our memory. This linkage is so strong in fact that a scent can trigger emotions and memories that we might not consciously think of, often spontaneously triggering a long-forgotten experience. Because of this, many people swear by having one signature perfume and wear it for years on end. The brand I Am Fragrance has taken a different approach: as humans, we are constantly changing beings, so why not create a line of perfume that reflects our different moods and mindsets?

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling particularly blessed by the people surrounding you? Are you feeling naughty and playful? Or are you serene and at peace with yourself? With the different scent profiles that I Am Fragrance has created you never have to settle for one aspect of your character again. Mix and match the scents depending on your mood, and let the perfume you wear reflect the many dimensions of yourself.

Shop I Am Fragrances at our flagship Fremont location, our new SeaTac store, or online here!

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