Work Attire That Isn’t Boring

Feeling inspired to dress up for work can be a challenge for everyone. Luckily, the prospect of warmer weather also offers the potential for a more versatile work wardrobe! Below, we’ll show you how you can wow the office while being comfortable and stylish.


Find a dress in a classic shape with a bold pattern, like this one from Frock Shop. Pick a shape that you feel confident in if bold patterns are out of your comfort zone! This look will make you feel empowered to take on the day.


This tiny floral print is flirty and season appropriate without being distracting. Pair it with a pair of skinny black slacks or culottes, like these.


Can you tell we love prints this season? This is another example of how classic shapes can be transformed with the right pattern! Embrace bold prints for a more empowering season.


Find all of these looks in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations, or shop online here.

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