Our Favorite Prairie Underground Picks

Prairie Underground is one of our favorite lines to carry here at Show Pony Boutique. Based in Seattle, the company was founded upon the values of sustainability and empowerment.

“Prairie Underground is a populist apparel manufacturer committed to designing modern uniforms that evoke sensuality in daily self-expression. Every garment is made to be durable and adaptable. We’re committed to ensuring our garments are ecologically and ethically sustainable. These values are an essential consideration in any contemporary creation. We want to empower our customers to articulate their singularity while nurturing their bodies and the ecosystem.”

Not only do those values align with our own here at Show Pony, but Prairie Underground creates compelling and comfortable clothing. Look below to see some of our favorite items!

Arcade Pant in Black

Classic, chic and ultra-comfortable, Prairie’s new cropped culottes pant is made from conventional cotton with a roomy “paper bag” style elastic pull-on waist and deep side rectangle pockets. Why do we love it? Culottes pants are huge right now, and with good reason: they’re breezy yet tailored, and the length perfectly highlights your svelte calves while giving you the opportunity to show off your stylish shoes at the same time. Tuck a tank top in at waistband and head out the door!

Cloak Hoodie in Blue Suede

This hoodie is the answer to all of our prayers: —it’’s soft and comfy like any hoodie should be, but it has a tapered, feminine fit. Why do we love it? The atheleisure look is bigger than ever, allowing you to rock your most comfortable clothes without hitting the gym. Comfort is key, people.

Your Orbit Jersey in Beet

One of Prairie’s most winning styles is back this season in the same lightweight organic cotton fabrication from last fall for a softer, gentler drape and perfect for many seasons. The cozy, oversized cowl, large side pockets and fun, asymmetrical hem keep you thinking outside the box. Why do we love it? Once again, comfort comes into play. Stay cozy without looking lazy in this cowl masterpiece.


Find all of these looks in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations, or shop online here.

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