Designer Spotlight: Amy Burgess of Forge + Fire

If you’ve been to either of our stores lately, you’ve probably seen some of the products from one of our newest designers. The beautiful earrings pictured below are created by Amy Burgess of Forge + Fire, a fiery creative whose love of bright gemstones translated into the passion project that has become her business. Read more about her story below!

I’ve always needed a creative outlet and have dabbled in everything from watercolor to stained glass. I realized as a teenager that the craft I felt most connected to was jewelry making. I make jewelry that I would wear, so there’s a little bit of my personal style in each piece. The sleek lines of forged and fused metal, mixed metal chain, labradorite, green amethyst, and pyrite are some of my favorite things to work with.

I’m inspired by the seasons. I use bright gemstones, like Turquoise and Carnelian, during warm months. I work with dark pearls and smokey gemstones in the winter. I’m constantly researching and experimenting with new metalsmithing techiques. Learning something new helps me evolve and re-ignites my passion for jewelry. I keep up with trends to stay relevent, but my emphasis isn’t placed so much on what’s trendy now, as it is on designing pieces that are timeless.

I recycle all of my scrap metal and I buy my materials from local businesses as much as possible.

Recycled and local?! It’s a #ShowPonyBoutique dream.

Find Forge + Fire jewelry in our Fremont and SeaTac store locations. Also, follow our Instagram, here.


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