December Dressing

We’re all about finding the perfect balance between fashion and function for the colder months. What’s the point of looking fabulous if you can’t stand to be outside?! Luckily, #ShowPonyBoutique has the answers. Ahead, some of our favorite ways to stay warm and stylish!

Prairie Underground – Long Cloak Hoodie in Lipstick

This hoodie is the answer to all of our prayers: —it’’s soft and comfy like any hoodie should be, but it has a tapered, feminine fit that makes you feel like the stylish city-gal-on-the-go you are (not the frumpy-potato-on-the-couch you are only sometimes, —that’s what stealing your mister’s sweatshirt is for). Made from 100% organic cotton fleece, it’s the detailing that makes all the difference: big front pockets with delicately gathered edges; sweet princess shoulders; zipper pulls on both the top and bottom for maximum comfort and mobility; and the totally amazing hood that covers your head when you need it and transforms into a gorgeously gathered shoulder wrap when you don’t. It comes in a short version that’s perfect with jeans and a longer cloak style that dresses up a pair of leggings like nobody’s business. This will become a wardrobe staple the moment you put it on.

We’ve shared our love for designers Mia Melon and Tuesday Scarves before. Here, the combination is electric. How cozy does that faux fur scarf look?

As you can see, a lot of this comes down to having a beautiful, weatherproof jacket. Find yours here!

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