5 Gifts Under $50


Do you have birthday gifts to shop for? Or maybe you just want to #treatyourself. Hey, we don’t judge. Here are some of our favorite small gift items that are a great go-to.

Made by Mixture, Roll-Ons

They may be tiny, but they’re all you need when you’re on the go. About the size of chapstick, they fit in your purse, gym back, office drawer, carry-on, front pocket, or wherever. The branding is beautiful and modern, the fragrance is hand-mixed, and the scents are unique and pleasing to even the most critical of noses. Just a few of the reasons this little guy is a top seller.

Voluspa Candles

These lovely tins are luminescent lit or unlit. With natural wicks and coconut wax that burns 90% cleaner than its soy alternative, Voluspa’s have our vote for purest candles. We carry a variety of sizes and fragrances so it won’t be too difficult to narrow down a few favorites.

Veronica & Harold – Anastasia Horseshoe Necklace

Quite photogenic, and perfect for any neckline, this sterling silver handmade piece was featured on the “big screen.” Jewelry designer Lisa Richardt made it specifically for Show Pony, and it was purchased in-store for the Seattle-based film, Fifty Shades of Grey. We think it represents Seattle nicely, and at just $49, it’s a Steele (pun intended.)

Estrella Soaps

Vegan, all-natural, and mesmerizing patterns? That’s a yes from us. Estrella soaps are unique, eco-conscious, healing, and smell divine. From lavender eucalyptus to sandalwood ginger, these soaps are great for him or her.

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of options 🙂 Having a difficult time deciding? Sometimes a gift card is a good way to go too!

We hope this was helpful and happy shopping! Looking forward to seeing you in the store 🙂 Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know about new arrivals and deals! Use the hashtag #ShowPonyBoutique to share your looks with us and for a chance to be featured.

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