3 Reasons the Fiji is Our New Dress Crush

Things have been looking sunny both in and out of the shop. As the seasons change, our racks are beginning to take on brighter colors and lighter fabrics, and our mannequins are donning spring/summer dresses. There is one dress that we’ve developed a bit of a crush on– and it’s been frequenting the dressing rooms quite a bit as well! Here are a few reasons why we (and apparently you) love it.

1. Classic Silhouette

Have you ever tried on an article of clothing and quickly realized it was not made for you? All was good when it was on the rack, but the moment you slipped of over your head and smoothed out the fabric, it became an apparent and obvious NO.

We’ve all been there. But not with this dress.

Fiji Dress in Sage Stripe Linen

It’s sleeveless– which is perfect for layering with a cardigan or jean jacket. The length is not too modest, but still elegantly long for those tall folks. The cinching at the waist snug but not distracting.  Overall, the dress fits the happy medium of not too much fabric, and not too little either. The Goldilocks of dress, perhaps. Plus, it just looks gorgeous on any body type! That’s a win, win, from us.

2. It has pockets!

Fiji Dress in Navy and White Polka Dot

Why is it that anytime you get complimented for wearing a pocketed dress, your classic response every time is “and it even has pockets!!” That’s because every woman (and mom) knows, functionality in clothing is essential. Because as much as we love purses, sometimes it’s liberating, and even necessary, to travel light. Way to go, Modaspia, for having us women in mind during the designing process!

One toddler infamously dubbed as “snack holes,” and we’re forever calling them that from now on.

3. Color Options

Why stick with one Fiji when you could get all three? We love these colors/patterns as they are so classic and go with everything. The stripe is sage stripe subtle, and the polka dot is the perfect sized dot. Don’t even get us started on the chambray! It’s an obvious texture choice for a solid.

Fiji Dress in Chambray

See why the Fiji is a closet staple? This weather is begging you to try one on. See how we styled the “Sage Stripe” below.

Like what you saw? Find the sage stripe, polka dot, and chambray dresses online and in-store. Happy shopping!

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