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New Year, New Bag

Want an easy way to mix up your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Throw a new handbag into the mix! We have a wide range of cute and affordable options here at #ShowPonyBoutique that are sure to satisfy your wandering

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Consigning at Show Pony Seattle

If you’ve visited our Seattle location, you may have gone upstairs to our Consignment Section. Ever thought about consigning with us? Here’s what you need to know: Please read our updated consignment policies here. Consignment means that you are paid

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New Consignment Policies & Updates

New year, new consignment policies! We’ve updated our consignment policies and process. Please read over the following information to see what has changed. Appointments are now required. Please call ahead to schedule your appointment. 25 items max per appointment/drop-off. All

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Fabulous Fall Consignment Sale!

Fall is in full swing! It’s bringing us a little bit of everything – we’re loving the foggy mornings, sunny days and cozy evenings. We’ve got such a super hearty stock of consignment treasures right now that are perfect for

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Consignment News: Designers Galore!

It looks like a lot of our favorite consigners have been cleaning out their closets to make room for new fall fashions, because we’re completely swimming right now in uh-mazing finds, and we must say, our selection is better than

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New Consignment Galore!

We’re not sure what other goodies 2012 has in store for us, but one thing it has certainly brought us a lot of so far is some amazing consignment! Our favorite fashionistas have been cleaning out there covetable closets, which

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Deal time! Consignment + Porch Sale

What’s better than a sale at Show Pony? TWO sales at Show Pony! We’re clearing out some space upstairs with a Consignment Sale starting Friday, September 30th, with lots of great markdowns on Spring and Summer items including shoes, tops,

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Consignment just got bigger and better!

We’ve accomplished one of our New Year’s resolutions, and it’s only April! We’re very excited to announce the expansion of our upstairs consignment shop. There’s twice the space now, with a section completely dedicated to gratuitous shoe glory, two cases

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Sale – Extra Special Consignment Specials!!!

We’re not sure what celestial fashion forces are at work right now, but for some reason it seems that all the trash vs. treasure stars have just aligned to create a Show Pony consignment section that is absolutely stellar! To

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4th of July weekend Consignment Sale!

10% off on killer consignment finds!We know some of you are downstairs gals and some of you are upstairs gals, and a few of you even swing both ways. But for all of you who have never climbed that stairway

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