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Hats, hats + more hats!

Ok, so who else stepped outside one morning this week and thought, “Oh my gosh, I wish I had a hat on!” There has been just enough of that little extra bite in the air to start thinking about haberdasherie,

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Fedoras, Anklets and other GBF’s

That’s a “Girl’s Best Friend,” in case you were wondering! We’re loving the looks that Spring has in store: flirty floral patterns and menswear-inspired styles for women—returns to minimalism (especially hot for the fellas right now) are always refreshing and

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Snoods do stylish double duty as hat and scarf to keep out the cold!

Show Pony in Fremont carries two types of infinity scarves that are long enough to wrap around your neck two or three times, depending on how tightly you like to wear your neckwear. Choose between a delicate and soft acrylic/nylon

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