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Gift Wrap DIY featuring St. Lucia Ornaments & Oh Hello Friend Gift Tags

  We love gift-wrapping but instead of buying more paper this year, we grabbed some materials we already had and up-cycled some pretty holiday wrapping. Bonus: the added ornament is a gift in itself and the gift tags can be

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Gift Ideas at Every Budget

  under $30/ 1. Candle $18 – available in-store (Seattle & LA) 2. Triangle Studs $29 – available in-store (Seattle & LA) 3. Vases $22-$29 – available in-store (Seattle only) under $50/ 4. Face Mask $38 – available in-store (Seattle

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You’ve been a very good girl!

Enough about everyone else, what do YOU want for the holidays? We love the old trick of leaving the catalog open on the kitchen counter turned to a very particular page… If you’ve got the kind of fella who is

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