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Now in Stores: Voluspa Candles

It’s no secret that a rampant obsession with beautifully scented candles exists. You’ve probably heard of Voluspa, a company that has built their brand on the love of crafted scents. Founded two decades ago, the candles represent “a discreet nod

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Vacation Packing

Packing for travel can often seem daunting, or unpleasant at the very least. Knowing what to bring, what will pass TSA, and how to pack toiletries requires a little bit of planning. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered! Read

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I Am Fragrance: Who Are You Today?

Fragrance is a very powerful and unique beauty product. Unlike other senses, our sense of smell is very closely linked with our memory. This linkage is so strong in fact that a scent can trigger emotions and memories that we

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Find Your Perfume Soul Mate at Show Pony

     Sourcing all-natural scents with heady, delicious notes is a passion of ours, and Show Pony is proud to stock Tulip Perfume’s Classic Collection. Developed in California by Victoria England, Tulip is based on a commitment to the mind-body

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Tokyo Milk Solid Perfumes

Each delightfully fragranced travel-sized pot of solid perfume is packaged in beautifully hand-glittered boxes with several mini note cards, for a little extra treat. 7 delightful scents at $18 each! Here are just a couple of my favorites…Honeycomb 60A sweet

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Dame Beauty

WHAT KIND OF DAME ARE YOU? Dames are broads, but not all broads are dames. Dames are larger than life. They demand and command respect. Some dames are beautiful, some are wicked, some are wicked smart; and some are all

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Special Deal Of The Week!

Every Monday we are going to start offering a special value for the week!This week we would like to give you 15% off all fragrances. All you have to do is mention that you saw the special on our blog

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Everyone here is truly smitten with Clementine!If it’s good enough for Scarlett and Lindsey, then it is good enough for us! A true white flower fragrance that stands out as clean and fresh. It is composed of flowering orange blossoms

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